The name Pearl Dental Group was birthed from the story of the pearl.   The process of a Pearl takes several years. Mussels must first reach a mature age, which can take up to 3 years before they naturally receive an irritant. Once the irritant is in place, it can take up to another 3 years for the Pearl to reach its full size.  The object that came into the life of the oyster as an irritant, instead of being cast out is turned into something lovely within the oyster.   The true value of the pearl is not seen from the outside. To the world around it the Pearl is just another barnacle covered, muddy looking shell. 

Unlike diamonds or other precious stones, the pearl is formed through a living object! The very life of the oyster is given to the pearl.  The Pearl to me is an analogy of how trial and testing can be turned it into something beautiful and of worth – Drs Andre and Jessica Bruni have designed and built many dental practices.  They have worked for themselves and have worked for corporate giants and through experience and experience of others have broad knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.   Pearl Dental Group is the culmination of Drs. Andre’ Bruni and Jessica Bruni’s lifelong work to build a practice from the ground up with beautiful design, the latest technology and equipment, with trusted systems and experienced personnel to deliver an unparalleled dental experience.

Here at Pearl Dental Group, we believe that a smile tells a thousand words, and we are dedicated to giving our patients high-quality dental care. We offer a full range of dental services, so all of your family’s needs are met under one roof. Our goal is for you to leave our office with a memorable and enjoyable dental experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home. If you are looking to brighten and enhance your smile, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (225) 256-1163!
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