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If you've suffered traumatic tooth loss, then you might want to consider a Hybrid® Dental Implant as the solution to restore your smile and give you back your confidence. In most cases, there are many options when it comes to the restoration of missing teeth. However, many patients may not know that dental implants are even applicable to them. The truth is that dental implant technology has made considerable advances in recent years. Implants have become one of the most popular ways to restore their smile and improve their quality of life to eat the foods they love again without shame and discomfort. 

Today, we will discuss Hybrid dental implant, a specific type of dental implant designed for whole mouth restoration of missing teeth. A Hybrid certified dentist can evaluate the condition of your mouth and recommend the right Hybrid implant system for your unique situation. 

What is a Hybrid Dental Implant? 

Hybrid implants are specially designed to be longer lasting than typical implants. Each implant is made to support a full arch restoration system so that the overall integrity of the implants is consistent throughout the patient's mouth. 

Hybrid implants use superior materials that stand up to more wear and tear and allow a person to bite with full force. Compared to a typical implant, patients can feel more secure eating the foods they love without worrying about potential damage to the implant. 

The high-quality construction also means that the implants are guaranteed to last longer and require less maintenance over time, meaning fewer visits to the dentist to ensure that the implants are working properly. Hybrid holds the quality of their implants to high standards to ensure that they function properly and give patients an effective solution to tooth loss. 

What is a Hybrid certified dentist? 

Hybrid doesn't just allow any dentist to install their implants; they have established a network of highly qualified dentists located across the country to install the full range of Hybrid dental products. They have set up a rigorous set of guidelines so that the dentists in their network are the most capable in their field. 

This is all to ensure that patients don't have to worry about the quality of the care they receive or worry about getting implants installed. There are various options that a certified Hybrid dentist can offer patients who have suffered tooth loss. Individual implants can be used to fix a few missing teeth, but Hybrid also provides full arch restorations that can restore an entire row of teeth. There is even an option for full mouth restoration for patients who have lost all their teeth. 

Choose a certified Hybrid dentist

By visiting a certified Hybrid dentist, a patient can find the right tooth loss restoration procedure for their specific needs with the high quality of care that they need and deserve. Ensure that you've selected the right dentist for your needs by asking if he or she has this certification. You'll have the peace of mind that you're dentist is the right one for you. 

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